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 ■Notice of class schedule change December 7, 2023, 8:43 am update
 All the class is held as scheduled.

We would like to support you to Yoga become your companion for life, sustain you when you are well, shore you up when you’re depressed, and support you when you are sick.. Yoga can teach you to love yourself from the inside out.
Our space is limited to 9 people with 'at-home' atmosphere.
So reservation is necessary for all the classes.(no cancellation fee) Please come to studio 10 minutes before the class. If you will be late, please let us know in advance.
Power yoga
Vigorous, fitness-based approach to Vinyasa-style yoga .based on Sun salutation
Ishta yoga
ISHTA is combination of Hath, Tantra, and Ayurveda elements. And focus attention to body, mind and spirits .equally. Meditative class with relatively high workout effect
Hatha yoga
Basic practice of physical postures and breathing practices.
Recommend for beginners.
Pelviscare yoga
Focus on pelvis balancing exercise. which help to balance entire body function.
Especially recommend for new mother after delivery.
(you can join with baby)
Baby yoga
From 2 month to about 1 year old baby with mom/or dad. . Small moves with lots of singing and bonding. Poses to calm fussy babies, help them sleep better and much more.
Toddler yoga
From 1 year to about 3 years.
Tots love moving. They have lot of fun for practice animal poses. Mom or dad helps them to do poses at starting and continuous practices make them have confidence to do poses by themselves.
Kids yoga
From 3~4 years to 9 years Kids yoga classes are a wonderful way to increase children's co-ordination, self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem while they stretch and strengthen their bodies. Using YOGA KIDS method with fun!
Maternity yoga
After the 15th week of your pregnancy, and may practice as long as you feel well. No prior yoga experience necessary.
Hormonebalancing yoga
Asana and other massage or breathing technique help to regulate your monthly cycle ,and keep you more physically and emotionally balanced.

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